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At informatics school of computing, students learn how to integrate information systems and latest technologies into business settings, develop ict solutions using the latest programming languages on cutting edge software development platforms and formulate ict strategies for global enterprises. The programmes are geared towards the emerging needs of the industry and cater to the rising demand for information technology professionals. Informatics school of computing has consistently produced highly employable graduates sought after by the industry. The school boasts 100% employability of its graduates with more than 90% securing employment within 3 months of graduation. Consequently, there is a significant informatics alumni presence in all top it firms in sri lanka with many holding coveted senior positions.

Chamod Suvinda

Outstanding Faculty

The informatics school of computing has a pool of 12 high end computers for the software engineering labs. Staff members have industry experience and maintain close links with the industry to ensure that the teaching is informed by industry needs. The fulltime staff is supplemented by well experienced visiting lecturers from state universities and industry. The highly committed teaching team goes above and beyond the call of duty to make certain that every student receives individual attention and support.


Amaya Tharuki

JULY 15, 2018 AT 08:57 PM

Informatics school of computing teaching facilities include a comfortable lecture theatres, syndicate rooms and the latest software development platforms and tools used in industry are available in all the labs under academic licence. Unlimited access to the internet is provided through high speed broadband and wi-fi connectivity throughout the city campus.



JANUARY 17, 2015 AT 9:25 AM

The classes are definitely challenging . The faculty is very helpful and friendly. They care about their students and want to make sure they receive a good education. The social life is all right. I think the extracurricular activities are a blast!



JANUARY 9, 2018 AT 10:37 AM

Great Class. Great price. Nothing but spiritual oppression and hypocrisy from Student Life, however. If you want to be treated as an adult, capable of making your own decisions, simply put. If you want to be sheltered and treated as a child and be told when to go to bed, you'll love it! It's just that simple.


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